Blush & Brow Massage

  • Swedish Massage

    Relax and Renew your body from head to toe with our traditional full body massage. Using only the finest oils and massage creams leaving your body de-stressed and hydrated.

    • 30 minutes 55
    • 60 minutes 85
    • 90 minutes 115
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Giving attention to certain trouble areas, our deep tissue massage will focus with a more intense pressure relieving and aiding in certain conditions such as muscle injuries, muscle tension, sciatica and more. Your therapist will adjust the pressure to your comfort.

    • 30 minutes 65
    • 60 minutes 95
    • 90 minutes 125
  • Rainbow Maker CBD Massage

    Melt into our Rainbow Maker massage packed with minerals and antioxidant rich oils of neroli, vanilla & amber. This full spectrum cannabinoid hemp oil leaves you with a warming feeling while nourishing your skin and adding luminosity and mineral highlights.

    • 60 minutes 105
    • 90 minutes 135
  • Hot Stone Massage

    Slip into luxury and a state of pure bliss while warm, smooth, polished basalt lava stones send ribbons of heat throughout your body loosening tight and tired muscles, leaving you relaxed and stress free.

    • 60 minutes 115
    • 90 minutes 145
  • Reflexology

    A massage for feet and hands known to be beneficial in restoring balance and harmony in the body while releasing tension throughout. Enjoy a cooling eye mask and warm foot wrap during your treatment.

    • 45 minutes 70
  • Head in the Clouds - CBD scalp massage

    A soothing scalp and facial massage to aid in headache relief, sinus pressure, neck, shoulder & facial tension, promote circulation and reduce stress overall.

    • 30 Minutes 60
  • Fire & Ice Massage

    Indulge in infinite Bliss as hot and cold stones carry your stress away. A  Warm back scrub and cooling foot mask will finish off this luxurious massage leaving you balanced and relaxed.

    • 90 minutes 175
  • Maternity Massage

    Relax and take time for yourself! Pre-natal massage aids in improved sleep, oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, lower back and sciatica as well as all of the traditional benefits of massage. A special maternity table is used to keep you comfortable.

    • 30 minutes 55
    • 60 minutes 85
    • 90 minutes 115
  • Thai Stretch Massage

    Allow our trained therapist to help properly stretch your muscles..keeping them flexible, strong and healthy to prevent injury. This treatment increases range of motion and relief from pain.

    • 20 minutes 35
  • Express Massage

    The convenience of a chair massage with the relaxation and privacy of a traditional massage while clothed.

    • 20 minutes 35
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatouch Ritual

    A purely relaxing aromatic Swedish massage using the finest essential oils to awaken the senses and bring balance, grounding and enlightenment to body and mind. This service focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, calves and feet. Finish off this amazing treatment with hot towels and warm stones.

    • 45 minutes 80
  • Cupping Massage

    Vacuum pressure applied to areas of discomfort to relieve aches, tension and joint stiffness.

    • 45 minutes 80
  • Hawaiian Salt Stone Massage

    Hawaiian lomi lomi massage infused with heat from Himalayan salt stones, that have a gentle exfoliating and detoxifying effect. Scents of white coconut, pineapple and citrus carry you to a tropical paradise. This one of a kind treatment is topped off with our relaxing back polish.

    • 60 minutes 130

Massage Enhancement Add-Ons

    • Deep tissue: 10
    • Aromatherapy: 5
    • Hand or Foot wrap: 15
    • Hand or Foot Scrub: 15
    • Back Scrub: 10
    • Cupping: 15

Body Treatments

  • Honey Butter Detox Wrap

    Guys and Ladies! For intense Hydration and amazingly soft skin, experience this nourishing detox infra-red wrap of organic Texas honey with notes of cinnamon, papaya, pineapple and almond extract full of Vitamins A, B & E. Enjoy a scalp massage and foot scrub while wrapped in relaxing heated bliss.

    • 60 minutes 95
  • Infrared Detox Cocoon

    Infra-red wrap heats your body helping to release toxins, increase circulation, speed healing and improve over all well-being.

    • 30 minutes 55
  • * Blush & Brow does not claim or intend to treat or heal any health or medical conditions with their spa treatments. Our treatments are for the sole purpose to promote relaxation and well being. If you have health concerns or are suffering from a medical conditions, please consult with a medical professional.